One-man design and illustration studio with aspirations of world domination and jackie chan kung-fu marathons


Step 1: Concept & Plan

We start by defining, researching, and crafting a strong, focused strategy and concept.

Step 2: Build a Framework

A strong, interlaced structure or “Wattle” is the second step in the project lifecycle. The framework should be flexible and sturdy.

Step 3: Daub on the Magic
photo for daubing on the magic

Next we daub on the magic. Using years of experience and aesthetic know-how, we partner to create something on target and in scope.

The Minnesota library system was looking for a fresh new way to visualize their website and its main feature, curated book stacks.

Web Design, Illustration, Branding


Princess Bride Poster

Originally created for the SilverScreen Society, the Princess Bride Discovery map has gone on to sell hundreds of copies, our best seller to date.


As part of the 24 hour website challenge, the Dispute Resolution Center was chosen as a non-profit in need of a full redesign.

Web Design, Icon Design, Branding



Originally commisioned by 40Fathoms, CINE was a created as a tribute to film, cinema, and all things that dwell in the realm photography.


North American Banking

A local banking company, NABCo, needed a responsive website and a modern refresh. We went through a mobile first responsive re-design.

Web Design, Icon Design, Responsive


Katie & Jordan

Whimsical and typographically rich. These wedding invitations for the couple expressed the couples fanciful ideation and expression.

Illustration, Icon Design, Branding


Shirt up on cotton bureau

To all you music lovers, this shirt is for you! Soon we will celebrate national local music day (or something) and you might want to have something nice to your local record store and buy music like your life depended on it.

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Available on our site for the first time in two years! Get "CINE" for your movie rooms, photo loving friend. Did we mention there's a sticker version too?

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Bottleneck Gallery, located in Brooklyn, NY, still has posters available from their show, “Where Is My Mind.” Pick one up!

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passionate about design, life, & Kung fu.

My Dad used to tell me, “there are a lot of designers out there—but there are only a handful of good ones.” Its been my life goal to be considered "one of the good ones." My core focus's as a designer consist of Web/UX, Illustration, and branding. My skillset is best utilized as the three are combined together.

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“Lose the ego, keep the passion. While discipline is essential, it is passion that motivates great work.”
Stevan brant day
Award winning Designer & Illustrator

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