Code 42 infographic

Informational poster designed for Code 42’s “Get Rid of Dropbox” campaign

Code 42 approached me to help them illustrate and layout a poster for their upcoming “Get Rid of Dropbox” campaign which highlights the major benefits of their Shareplan software. They had a series of bulleted points and were looking for visual suggestions to bring the poster to life. Though the poster wasn't full of actual data, the story needed simple visuals which would add to the points they were making.

I came prepared with suggestions for the story, hoping to add some power and visual appeal to their points. The final result didn't include the cars (to my dismay) but overall the project was a success and was well received by the target audience.

Services Provided

“What about a reference to Back to the Future in the poster? I think that a lot of your internal team will respond to that.” – The best suggestion ever made

Batman vs Joker poster illustration

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