Hero’s Journey

Movie inspired poster for the beautiful Yimou Zhang film, Hero

Martial arts have played a weird and significant role in my childhood. The art, honor, and passion have been an inspiration for me as I grew up and something that others put time and effort in to master. It was a craft and a skill.

In honor of one of the great martial arts films, one that truly brings the art to martial art, I created a poster which represented the movies deeper themes. The movie is always in flux yet the protagonist is as calm as a river. At one moment falling like leaves, the next standing confidently as his enemies surround him and his death is imminent. The hero, whose name is Nameless, should be a metaphor for all of us, a Hero because he was able to admit he may have been wrong, sacrifice himself for something greater. 

Services Provided

# of arrows shot in to Nameless


Spoiler alert! Too late now I guess, you better just watch the film if you haven't seen it already.

# of extras used in the film


The soldiers you see are actual Chinese People's Liberation Army soldiers, the real deal.

# of weeks it took to film the lake scene


The lake was placid for only two hours at 10am each day. It had to be completely calm.

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