rock n’ roll lettering

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Music shapes a lot of what I do and where I pull my inspiration from. I find that almost every hour of the day there is some form of music which is helping me concentrate, entertaining me, or relaxing me in some way, shape, or form. Its an art form that speaks to everyone differently yet provides similar benefits.

One of my favorite bands is Cake and their first break out hit which helped put them on the map is “Rock n’ Roll Lifestyle.” Lettering has always been a passion of mine and something I wanted to pursue and put more time in to. With that in mind I have begun a series of prints using lines from some of my favorite songs.

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# of times i listened to the song


If you’re wondering if it got better each time...the answer is yes.

# of albums cake has released


Each one has its own unique flavor...cake pun.

# of spotify listens for “the distance”

9 mil

Not bad for a decade or two later. Just sayin.

Batman vs Joker poster illustration

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