The Matrix poster series

Two silk-screened posters for Bottleneck Gallery’s “Where Is My Mind” show

Martial arts have played a weird and significant role in my childhood. The art, honor, and passion have been an inspiration for me as I grew up and something that others put time and effort in to master. It was a craft and a skill.

In honor of one of the great martial arts films, one that truly brings the art to martial art, I created a poster which represented the movies deeper themes. The movie is always in flux yet the protagonist is as calm as a river. At one moment falling like leaves, the next standing confidently as his enemies surround him and his death is imminent. The hero, whose name is Nameless, should be a metaphor for all of us, a Hero because he was able to admit he may have been wrong, sacrifice himself for something greater. 

What color tint was applied to each scene?


The Wachowskis wanted to create the sensation that we were all watching through a computer screen.

# of storyboards created for the film


They planned the film out for over 5 and a half years.

year the first movie came out?


Almost 15 years ago and I only just realized that NEO has all the letters for ONE...go figure.

Matrix poster series for bottleneck gallery

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