The north ride 

Three color silkscreen poster for Artcrank’s Minneapolis 2015 show

Artcrank has been a goal of mine since I came across it a couple years ago. Biking has been a large part of my life ever since I was a kid. When you can't drive there's a certain freedom to hoping on your bike and taking off to wherever your legs could take you.

Sketching through the poster I kept coming back to the rides through the woods with my dad. Going through the forest not knowing what the next turn would bring and breathing in all the green. Riding through the woods in Minnesota my imagination was sparked once more after hearing about all of the legend and folklore. What would they be like if I ran in to them in the middle of the woods during a ride?

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“I use to go to a part of the Appalachian Trail in the North Georgia woods with my dad. As we rode through the hills and trees, I would always wonder what was out there. Is Big Foot real? Is he watching me right now?”

The number of posters in the 1st edition


I only wanted 60 but I got 15 more due to the complex nature of the metallic ink.

# of squirrels in the poster


Can you find all of them?

# of cat tails in the poster


I don’t actually want to count them all but you're more than welcome to.

Batman vs Joker poster illustration

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