Katelyn & Jordan

Branded wedding invitations and reception signs

Sometimes we find ourselves with opportunities to do fun, exciting work. When Jordan & Katie approached me to do their wedding invites, I knew it was going to be one of those opportunities. They gave me some basic direction and then said, “run with it.” Well, I did exactly that and I barely looked back!

Marriage is a bond between two people, often times those two people are different, having been raised in different family cultures and experienced life in different ways. My challenge was to combine Katie’s rural background with Jordan’s more urban one. Katie, at one point, mentioned how she had even worked at a lumber mill growing up. Working off of that unique childhood experience we built the look and feel from that point. We decidedly wanted to have a nice textured feel to the invitations, playfully rustic illustrations, and modern typography which carried an elegance but could convey a modern feel. The monogram was hand lettered and crafted to be slightly opposite in style to the wood circle which contains it. All in all the pieces come together to create a colorful, energetic, and classy set which is a perfect description of the couple.

Services Provided

“We hand lettered the monogram which is always more difficult that it sounds but always looks better.”

# of spray cans used to spray glass vases


There were bruises on our pointer fingers from pressing down those tops for so long.

# of times the bride and groom had to kiss


People loved the golfing station almost as much as the groom!

# of branded elements  for the wedding


Mad Libs & signs, station signs, monograms, invitations & cards, dinner signs.

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Katie and Jordan typographic styles

Color Scheme

Icons & Illustrations

Invitations & Dinner Cards

Reception Signs

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